Archived: A Greying Morning by Phillip Lara

A Greying Morning


Biography: My name is Phillip Lara. I normally go by Phil. I am currently pursuing an AAS degree in Video and Visual effects in hopes of being a film creator and director as well as a proficient story teller. I started taking photos at a young age, about 7 or 8 years old carrying a little camera with me and taking pictures of my family and also filming them. However, it wasn’t until the year 2015 when I picked a camera back up again and actually started taking photography seriously. I have always loved being outdoors in nature and being in the mountains, being fascinated by the most intimate subjects in nature. From there I began capturing majestic landscapes from a single leaf to towering peaks surrounded by endless beautiful terrain. Photography shows me so much more than just a photo; it shows me a way to express myself, tell a story with my own eyes and explore different places whether I’ve already been there or not. Not only had I been inspired by nature but I have also been inspired by other landscape photographers such as Alex Burke, Ben Horne, Alan Brock, Michael Strickland, Diego McCartney and Nick Page.