A God of Destruction and Beauty by Katie Aguirre Castaneda

The blue sky slowly darkened.  

The air thickened and became vile.  

The birds flew away as the clouds grew grey.  

A roar rumbled through the ground.  

A sweet scent of fire and smoke filled the young woman.  

The air grew musty and grey.  

The smoke choked her as she shed a few tears. 

 The sweet breeze disappeared. 

 Heat engulfed her. 

 All light disappeared along with her hope. 

 All her senses burned. 

 The air roared around her as he drew near.  

There he appeared. 

 One with the smoke and fire.  

He belonged to the heat. 

 Glowing gold amber eyes. 

 Like tree sap and gold shined through the smoke.  

Eyes filled with flames.  

His white hair shining like a star.  

Opposite of the ash and smoke that enveloped him.  

The man looked at the young women.  

He smiled while she trembled in fear.  

The heat burning the young woman as she couldn’t help but stare at the beauty of the man. 

 The man approaches as the floor trembles.  

He glared down at the young woman.  

His beautiful, graceful appearance surrounded by flames and smoke.  

The beauty within the danger of the heat.  

The beauty of the flames.  

A God of Destruction and Beauty. 

 The opposite within one.