Archived: A Breath of Fresh Air by Katelyn Smith

A Breath of Fresh Air

Biography: I was brought to Aims since it was close to home, and I heard so many good things about the professors and the Psych classes. Art means a lot to me; it’s been a driving passion in my life since I could pick up a pencil. The person that helped me grow that passion and create my form of art is my grandma, Sue. She is definitely the reason why I am the artist I am today. I’m an artist that loves to draw portraits and realism with charcoal and acrylic or create digitally. Another thing that drew me to my form of art is how much it improved my overall health and how much better I felt after creating my paintings and drawings. An artist that has inspired me to create new art is Pastellanor on Instagram. She’s a very close friend of mine who has a lot of artistic talent.