Archived: A Bit of Whimsy by Jocelyn Sailas

Biography: I am currently in my last semester at Aims Community College. I am pursuing a degree in physics, but I have a passion for art of all kinds. When I’m not studying, I am working on creating all sorts of things. I enjoy painting, writing, drawing, sculpting, leatherwork, woodburning, and many other things. I’ve always been drawn to different crafts and I enjoy learning new skills. Writing has always been my favorite pastime. I enjoy creating new worlds and bringing new characters to life. My time here at Aims has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned so much and have been inspired by many of the people I have met here. I hope to one day have a book published and I want to expand my art career even further. If I could give advice to anyone wondering if they should continue pursuing their passions, it would be to just keep going for it! If it gives you joy, you should make time to do it!