Archived: The Scholar by Dana Leverett

The Scholar
Bio: As a Colorado Native, I grew up with the privilege of being surrounded by all of the spectacular visual extravagances that Colorado is known for, especially with a father who always seemed to be mountain-bound. Looking out the backseat window as a child, whether driving down an old dirt road in Weld County or through winding roads in Gunnison, I often yearned to somehow replicate the beauty and emotion that I experienced. Being raised in a family of artistic dabblers, I was never in short supply of a medium to experiment with, be it sculpture, pottery, ceramics, paint, paper, you name it. I always had my hand in something, always searching for a niche but never finding satisfaction in my expression of art. It was about 12 years ago that I began to accidentally take good photos whenever I would pick up someone else’s camera, and finally, five years ago, I was convinced enough to invest in my own camera; however, the momentum I needed was found at Aims, where I realized my passion and my work began to bloom under the instruction of Mark Lewis. Each photo I finish is very personal, as I strive to evoke my own muted emotion, drama, and thoughts through the image. I have fallen in love with the process and have found photography to be the most rewarding creative outlet.