Archived: Fault Lines by Kali Rice

The last judgement is one of my own construction
With futile consolation I reach a vain junction
This endeavor seemed to consume me in a desperate fervor
And left me weakened in the blue glow of machine-light
It’s a splintered road from here on out
I expected too little to be so full of doubt
Yet here I am, with seven lies in each hand
Scrambling to save face for someone else
And I was the one that cast a wish in the pitiless well
I was the one who birthed my own hell
And so, an earned silence is what the ghost endures
With thanks to the night sky for the truth it obscures

Bio: I am currently attending Aims Community College to achieve my Liberal Arts with a plan to transfer to UNC for a Bachelor’s in English. I am 23 years old and have always had a passion for creative writing.