Archived: Water Through The Reeds by Eliza Bratt (Junior)

Water Through the Reeds


Biography: I’ve always been inspired by the world around me: by the beauty in a simple sunset, the power in a rainstorm, the ethereal wonder in a perfect view. I aim to capture the beauty of the world in the few ways I know how. I’m inspired by the wonderful people around me and their own works of art. The way they weave words together or blend colors on paper is incredible, and it pushes me to do better in every aspect of my life. I’m inspired by the simple power symbolism has, and the dual meanings it often produces, because life is all about duality and grey space. I am often enamored with that grey space, that strange middle ground between all we know and all we don’t, and I hope someday my work can reflect the mutual simplicity and complexity that is the grey space in life.