Archived: The True Building Blocks by Graci Grandel (Junior)

All across the land,
the fairest of them all
are the ones that help us understand,
who pick us up when we fall.
They lead us through the valley,
never forgetting our names.
They are there until the finale,
as we finish our practice game
and leave that final pep rally.
They never ask for more,
their passion is inspiration.
To them its not a chore,
they truly serve our nation.
There is no one who deserves it more than they,
not the entertainers.
They are the only ones who need valet,
only them, the true dream makers.
They serve our country from the inside,
creating tomorrow today.
They never fail to provide,
the children of tomorrow
with the keys to success.
They are the true superheroes.
The only ones with true finesse.
They are our teachers.

Biography: I was inspired to write this piece because I had to write an original work for my Public Speaking class. I started writing 
this piece, and I realized I was supposed to write a different type of speech; after this, I decided I worked hard on it so I’ll submit it. 
Writing poetry, writing songs, writing books/stories, painting, and drawing zentangles have always been hobbies of mine. For as 
long as I can remember, poetry has not only been something that is easy for me it has also been really fun coming up with these 
poems. When I have free time, I am usually writing or working on the zentangle I have on my bedroom wall. I am inspired by all of 
my teachers to work hard so that I have time to enjoy the finer things in life like art. One of my biggest inspirations was my art 
teacher in 3rd grade Ms. Pucket. She not only taught me what a zentangle was but she also taught me that everything can be art and 
that art can be something calming not something you get mad over because you can’t do it right. Ms. Pucket taught me that if I am 
trying imitate some kind of drawing to stop and think why because if I am making art, it better be for me and by me because that is 
what true art is, not imitating someone else.