Archived: The Sounds from Afar – Eliza Bratt (Freshman)

Raindrops and Roses

Sunshine and Stars

The Moon and the Meadows

The Sounds from Afar


The Howls from the Clifftops

The Crashing of Waves

The Eyes from the Shadows

The Darkness of Caves


The Songs of the Songbirds

The Growls in the Night

The Claw flashing Yellow

The Power of Sight


A Warm Autumn Morning

The Wind in the Trees

Leaves blowing ‘round

An Old Summer’s Breeze


The Rain falling Softly

The Dew on the Leaves

The Patter of Raindrops

The wind through the Reeds


The Knowledge of Life

The Thought of the Darkness

The Creatures of the Forest

Some Kind, others Heartless


The Predators, the Prey

Those who go, those who stay

Some creatures are helpful

Others are bound to betray


The Creatures who Cry

In the Shadowy Night

Those who Growl in the Sun

And wish only to Fight


The Howls from the Trees

The Calls from the Leaves

The Twinkling Sound

Of a River that Gleams


The Sounds of the Night

The Sounds under the Stars

Can you hear them? The creatures?

The Sounds from Afar?