Archived: The Siren’s Song – Zoe Coats (Freshman)

Oh sailor, what lilting music

Hast enthralled thy heart?

The siren’s song, it beckons

Beckons from the start


Calling from a rocky shoal

And to the watery grave

Lost souls floundering in the murky depths

Past the point where none can save


A ghoulish grinning face

That lilting song beguile

Luring me to the roiling waves

With that deceptive smile


A mighty ship in an angry sea

Boiling, tossing, churning

Racing towards the black rocks

Towards those eyes burning


And out of the mouth so foul

Came the most beautiful song

A song of love and tragedy

A song of where I belong


The song, haunting

A tale (my tale) of lost glory

Of what never happened

A new end to the story


Gazing into those blazing eyes

And I, tied to the mast

Dreaming of what could be

Entranced by this dream of last


I saw a lonely maiden,

She who called my name

‘Ulysses, Ulysses’ she beckoned me

‘What hast thou for shame?’


Her voice a lilting melody,

And a flutter in her breath;

Drawn was I,

To the lovely face of Death


This forsaken maiden fair

Hast enthralled my heart

Capturing my every thought

Whenever we’re apart