Archived: Spring by Zoey Aldridge (Sophomore)

A soft whisper, a ray of light.
The birds have flown back here to me.
The flowers are coming out of hiding.
And so am I.
An instant of warmth, a flutter of joy.
The snow that had fallen, melts.
I am finally able to get up, to spread my wings.
I am finally at peace.
The winter is passed, the bleakness fleeting.
At last, it is finally spring.
The troubles that had once ailed me are melting in the light.
At last, spring is here.

Biography: My name is Zoey Aldridge, and I am a sophomore. I came to Aims because I was on a search for change and challenge. I had been homeschooled for many 
years, but I felt like it was time for something new. I found what I was looking for at Early College Academy, a high school that is partnered with Aims. There, I am 
pushed, sometimes, to my very limits, but life is never a dull moment. I am receiving the adventure and education I had been looking for, as my mom had been unable 
to teach all the subjects with five kids. By the time I graduate high school, I will also have my Associate of Arts degree, putting me ahead of many students. Even 
through my busy routine of school and life, I make time for writing. Writing is everything to me. I have loved poetry and writing ever since I learned to read and write. 
I have always loved to write and have wanted to become an author for a long time. Poetry and books have always inspired me and transported me to another world, 
fueling my imagination. Then, with writing, I am able to create and say whatever I choose with the words I choose. The works of authors like Sandhya Menon and 
Ally Carter and lyrical geniuses like Taylor Swift inspire me to use words to paint pictures and tell a compelling story. Writing and poetry will always be a part of who 
I am.