Archived: Rätsel by Landen Shuey (Junior)


I have an enigma,

A problem if you will

Thinkin’ about pieces,

Using a writing quill

Black splotched ink,

Makes it seem so hard

To put it together,

The pieces of my heart

Spring and storms,

they come and they go

Walking away,

like when you walked out the door

When I see this rätsel

I think the hazel

Of your eyes

And it reminds me,

Reminds me of my demise

Mortality pieces,

Don’t seem to fall into place

Missing some corners,

On the side of my face

1000 pieces,

and 1000 more

Lyrics are missing,

Stolen from the store

Puzzle pieces,

They’re getting out of hand

Losing the battle,

Losing the love of our land

People forgotten,

Lives trickle like rain

The pieces inside you,

You can feel them fade

I have an enigma,

a problem if you will

All of these pieces,

Don’t seem to fill

Fill up the lonely,

Tired and troublesome days

An old man once told me,

The puzzle’s like a maze

Lost in its constructs,

Lost in its thoughts

Looking around me,

All I see are dots

Confused and sad,

I start to say

This puzzle’s pieces,

Are in the wrong way

But who am I? Who am I?

Who am I to know?

The way that the pieces,

Should begin to flow

Streamline and steady,

I am on my way

To finish this puzzle,

Some strange rainy day

But once again,

I really should stop

Trying to be someone,

That I’m really not