Archived: Radiance by Berenisse Pizarro (Sophomore)

You, my dear, shine so brightly.
With every little thing you do, you leave a trail of light,
And you leave it there for others to follow.
A guide and an inspiration.
You, my dear, shine so brightly.

Call me the Night. The Darkness. The Void that covers that light,
For I will wrap you in my arms and never let you go,
And eventually your spark will disappear.
And it will stay that way

For less time than you think.

Because you, my dear, shine so brightly
That no darkness will ever hold its weight over you forever,
And I need you to remember that.

It may take a long time for your light to reappear, it may not.
And when it does, it may be a simple ember, or it may be an inferno.
The length of time it takes
The size of your light
It does not matter.

You, my dear, shine so brightly—
So beautifully
That when your light does break through,
Night will not be able to look away.
Darkness will falter.
Void will kneel before you.