Archived: Only I Can by Arlette Virula (Sophomore)

I am a Latina with brown skin,
Brown hair, and brown eyes.
I am Gualtemalteca, not Mexican.
I have the power of who I am, not you,
You can’t change me only I can,
you say that the way that I look
makes me Mexican, but just because
I am brown doesn’t mean I have
to be Chicana. I am Chapina
and with a lot of pride. You try to
convince me to Americanize,
but I believe and have pride.
I have become what I want to become.
You can’t change me because I am me.
I have rights just like you do, yet
again you treat me differently, like
the gum under your shoe. You have
tried to get rid of me.
We are all different and need to be
accepted because, yet again, my color
doesn’t define me, only my culture can
discriminate my culture because I have
the control in me, and yes, you might
think differently, but this me is me.