Archived: Nobody by Dez Albrecht (Sophomore)

Nobody knows
Where the Grim Reaper goes
But the Grim Reaper feels quite alone.
You see, nobody likes him
Everyone fears him
For doing the job he has to do
The blue skies and the hot guys
Are things he enjoys too
But, in the end he does what he has to do
Deep below, the depressing black
Only lets his mind get filled with crap
He has no one but his skin and bones.
Alone, and so cold.



Biography: Well. Hi. I’m Dez, and I write crappy poems. My view on poems are the same as almost anything in life: be honest and sloppy. Because of this, a lot of my poems are about my emotions, including “Nobody,” and “Self Deprecating Title #27.,” but if you are reading this, you’re probably only gonna read one, “Nobody.” This poem is about whatever the hell you interpret it as, but this is originally written simply to be about my own loneliness while everyone is around. That’s why I used the grim reaper as the symbol; he’s around thousands (Albeit, dead) people everyday, and everyone is scared of him. What a miserable existence. 

The “fear” shows up in my life as simply not sharing many interests with people at ECA. I ain’t all that smart, either; I just work relatively hard. 

Art is meant to give the reader, viewer, or whatever else, their own understanding of a piece that resonates with them.