Archived: Fate Adores Irony by Eliza Bratt (Sophomore)

Sickly Sweet
A rotten honey
A stone thrown in a pond
Ripples shattering the mirror
A jeer at a miserable life
A reminder that death draws near
That time means nothing
You are a mere speck of dust
In an endless universe
The irony of bigotry
A broken perspective
Fate adores Irony
And I am but a victim
But then,
Aren't we all?

Biography: What is art? Art, to me, is any type of self-expression. To me, music is art, drawing is art, writing is art, performance is art. 
So, I suppose you could say I enjoy all the arts. I enjoy trying a wide variety of visual arts as well as writing poetry and fiction, and I 
dabble in performance every once in a while. I love to tell stories through all mediums of art. I was inspired by a close friend of mine 
who is an incredible artist in all the categories I listed, and I wanted to be more like them, so I worked hard, and here I am, at ECA, in 
Incite's Literary Magazine.