Archived: Fairgrounds after Rain By Tucker Templeman (Sophomore)

Fairgrounds after Rain



Biography: My name is Tucker Templeman, and I am a sophomore at Early College Academy. Before highschool, I was homeschooled all of my life. It’s an understatement to say I was nervous going into, not only highschool, but public school as well. However, I found a very welcoming community at ECA and quickly made friends who helped me adjust. I have always had a liking for photography since I was in elementary school. I picked up photography when I took a  photography class at a homeschool enrichment program in the 4th grade. That class showed me what you can do with photography and really got me into it. Ever since then, I have been growing more and more interested in photography. Something about capturing little moments of beauty or memory has always captivated me. I always like looking at the pictures I have taken and reminiscing about the time I took it. My favorite thing to do with photography, however, is to capture beauty in places where people would not normally look, like a rain puddle at a fair. I value photography, and I am going to continue looking for those moments of hidden beauty and capturing them for the rest of my life.