Archived: Fade to Black by Adison Linder (Sophomore)

Serpent's tongue, coated with silver,
Says only what you want to hear.
It wraps its coiling torso around your throat,
Trapping your voice, now and forever.
If you try to dig your nails into its iron scales,
Free your windpipe to scream out,
It just squeezes tighter.
One lie is like a lighter
It ignites the others like a spark to propane
And soon the whole pool is turned to flame
Oil spills, popping pills, all just make the inferno grow higher
And the snake squeezes tighter and tighter
So? You think. This isn't that bad.
If I told the truth they would be mad
I can't feel glad
Disown me and throw away everything I have
Now you just let the serpent steal the last bit of breath from your lungs,
And you're choking on emptiness, suffocating with the weight of the word on your shoulders,
And you begin to fade to black.

Biography: Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven to create, whether it be art, poems, or stories. To me, creating something is a way to get people to think about the world differently, whether it be through a particularly good painting or a thought-provoking novel. It lets us put the stories and images we all carry inside our heads down on paper where everyone can see. A few artists that have helped inspire my work with their own stories and images are Neil Gaiman, Maggie Stiefvater, and Jonathan Sims.