Archived: ECA Tigers by Aakyriah Williams (Sophomore)


Biography: Originally, a few years ago, I wanted to go to Aims because my brother went there for college; to an extent, I wanted to follow in his footsteps. But now, it’s the opportunity offered by ECA to earn college credits while I’m still in high school that brought me to Aims. To me, my art is really just something I do for fun to pass the time. I do want to get my art noticed so that in the future, or even now, I can hopefully make money from commissions for it. But generally, I just draw because it’s fun. I’ve been drawing for years, especially in class where I’ll be doodling while taking notes or drawing pictures on the back of notebook covers. I think the only artist that has inspired me is Dawn Bjork. She is the art teacher at Meeker Elementary and is the one who originally motivated me to keep making art.