Archived: Discrimination

Author: Lily Adams



Why are we fighting?

Why do we hate?

Why are we discriminating?

Adding more to our plates?


First, Black Lives Matter

they fought for their rights

That no color matters

That we each can shine bright


But then why did they destroy buildings?

Break into rooms of the innocent?

What can justify killing?

Taking the life of a fellow citizen?


Second, Capitol Building Riots

They wanted to support their President

They wanted a fair election

Which was what they strived to represent


But then why did they break the windows?

Shoot people who did naught but scream?

Why did they take such measures?

Go to such an extreme?

On one side, people fight for justice

On another, they fight for peace

In some they fight for their rights

In others they fight against police


But there’s also people who fight to hurt

They seek to accept people of only their color

To destroy our nation to create one of their birth

Accept only people with their ideas and no other


People say they fight to look past differences

To stop people discriminating

But they’ve put a barrier between citizens 

Our nation is separating


The Capitol Building Rioters say they fight for what’s right

They fight to help Trump, they fight for his might

They say elections were rigged, and the Democrats lied 

They rioted the building to show off their spite


BLM says that they fight to look past color

But when they see someone not of their skin

Some spit and they hate, they don’t care who you are

They only care if your one of their kin


Now this is only for some

And others are right

It wasn’t right what had happened

And it is acceptable to fight


But let’s be peaceful protestors

No more hurting the innocent

Bring our nation together 

Stop further incidents


We’ve entered a new age

One of technology and innovation

But also one of both love and of hate

An age of discrimination