Archived: Diary of an Enraged Student by Pricilla Jordan (Sophomore)

I am black before I am human, 
I am a disgrace before I am accepted, 
I am a thief before I am an ally. 

I am a child before I am bright, 
I am dead before I am alive, 
I am split between two worlds 
and Neither one accepts me. 

I am broken but taped together, 
My skin does not define me. 
I am more than what they say. 
I am strong. 

They don’t care about my mental state, 
Mental institutions are just a romantic place. 
Why is it so normal we’re 
So broken yet they say nothing? 

They may not understand my pain
Or that I live my life in vain, 
And in excessive rage 
Why do they do this to me? 
Why do they do this to us? 

My gender defines me 
My skin degrades me 
Why do I care what they think? 
What I want is not what they want 
but yet, I accept me 

Despite what the world wants, 
I am not weak 
I love me for me NOT for who they want me to be.