Archived: Destined Romance by Brandi Korgan

Author: Brandi Korgan



This story is a Romeo and Juliet love story. This is the first chapter of the story. I also don’r own the characters, they are from a game called Obey Me.

Chapter 1

It was another sunny day in Devildom. The sun was burning bright, producing its strong steam. Satan and Belphie were by the side of the castle, sneaking about. “What are we doing here again Satan?” Belphie asked annoyed. “Were here to defeat Lucifer/” Satan responded, sounding cocky. “By poisoning him again? This would be the third attempt of this year.” Belphie sighed. “Even better…” Satan smirked/ Satan reached into his worn out bag, to pull out a vial full of purple liquid. “What is that?” Belphie asked, eyeing the vial curiously. “It’s a paralyzing potion I made not too long ago. Thought it would be a good chance to use it.” Satan responded. “How were you able to make that? Weren’t dark magic books banned by Diavolo from Devildom?’ Belphie asked confused. “I managed to find some in the attic of the cottage.” Satan responded. “Wait. What if the guards find us again?” Belphie asked wearily. “Don’t worry. I have Mammon on look out. He’ll give us the signal.” Satan responded confidently.

Mammon leaned against the wall. In shade, away from the sun. ‘It’s so damn hot!’ Mammon cursed to himself. ‘Why did  I have to be on look out again?’ He groaned to himself. Mammon was infront of the castle, on the watch for any guards. If he saw something, he had to shoot a potion Satan gave him up in the air. Mammon looked down at the bottle, observing the yellow liquid inside. ‘I wonder how much I could sell this for? 500 grimm maybe?’ He thought to himself. As Mammon was thinking, he could here the conversation being held nearby. “Didn’t you hear?’ One girl asked. “Hear about what?” Another asked. “I heard Lucifer was holding a masquerade to night!” Mammon’s head shot up at her words. ‘A masquerade? Wait this could be our chance! I need to tell Satan!’ Mammon ran off towards Satan and Belphie’s direction.

Asmodeus was in the castle’s hallway, looking at himself in the mirror. He would do different poses, and blow a kiss at himself too. He just kept admiring  how beautiful he was. “Asmo.” A deep voice called. Asmo slightly jumped, and turned to his right to see his oldest brother. “Yes Lucifer?” He asked. “Where is Brandi? I need to have a talk with her.” Lucifer told him. “She is in her room as usual brother.” Asmo stated. “Thank you. I’ll head there then.” Lucifer continued to walk down the hall, towards Brandi’s room. Brandi was usually in her room reading. She didn’t care for human interaction much. Brandi layed on her bed, reading her book. She heard the knock on her door. She got up, dusted her gown and called “Come in.” Lucifer opened the door. “Hello Lucifer.” Brandi curtseyed. “Brandi. I need to talk to you about tonight.” Lucifer said. “What about tonight? It’s my fifteenth birthday today!” Brandi exclaimed with a smile. “That’s my point,” Lucifer started, “Since you are fifteen, you are at the age for marriage.” Lucifer stated. “M-marriage?” Brandi asked. “Yes. I’m holding a masquerade tonight, so you can choose a potential groom.” Brandi looked down, with disappointment in her eyes. “Is  something wrong?” Lucifer asked sternly. “No.” Brandi shot her up, “I understand.” “Good.” Lucifer stated. He turned around to walk out the door. “Be ready by five.” He said as he walked the door. The door shut close. Brandi sighed heavily. ‘I’m not ready for marriage.’

“So your saying you heard that Lucifer was holding a masquerade tonight?” Satan asked. “Yes. I heard two girls talking about it. I think this could be a good chance for us to get Lucifer.” Mammon responded enthusiastically. “This actually could work,” Satan said. “We don’t have to worry about hiding, since he won’t recognize us anyway.” “Me too. I say we sneak in there, and get him.” Belphegor responded. “It is settled then. We shall infiltrate Lucifer’s party, and sabotage him!” Satan called.