Cloudy Reflections by Zoey Aldridge (Junior)

Cloudy Reflections


Biography: My name is Zoey Aldridge, and I’m a junior. I had previously been homeschooled, but I came to Early College Academy, a high school partnered with Aims because I was searching for something new. I was searching for new opportunities and new challenges. ECA and its Aims courses have done just that. I now have the opportunity to get my Associate of Arts degree by the time I graduate high school, and I have the various challenges that come with the college courses. ECA also gives me the opportunity to express myself through some of my hobbies, two of which are photography and writing. These two hobbies mean a lot to me, as they have helped me through tough times and been a constructive way to spend my time during quarantine. Photography is a more recent hobby, as I really got into it during the winter of 2019. I had taken pictures before, but not enough to consider it a hobby of mine. I had just gotten a cellphone that year which provided a better way to take photos. I went on a trip with my family for Christmas and took lots of photos while traveling. I started experimenting more with different angles and techniques, quickly growing to like photography even more. As for writing, it has always been a part of me ever since I first learned how to write. I have always used writing as a way to express myself, whether in nonfiction, fiction, or other writing forms.