Archived: Class of 2019 – Destiny Fay (Senior)

These are the saddest,


Most memorable times we will share together,

Probably the last

So cherish this forever,

Looking back to freshman year

We were the first class to be here

We had no idea the all nighters and procrastinations to come,

Now we know who to ask for gum.

I guess what I am trying to say is Class of 2019,

I am thankful I had you guys to go down this journey with me.

We have bonded over our success and our failures too.

We always warned each other what was due,

Still we hoped and prayed our papers went through because um…

It 12:02.

Thank you if I haven’t said it before,

Thank you for the tears,

The laughs,

The stress,

And all its galore,

Because in the end,

It all was worth fighting for.