Archived: Ares Bang God of War by Fernanda Torres (Sophomore)


Biography: I was drawn to Aims for the ECA program to save time and money. I especially want to save time so that once I graduate, I can start looking for work in things I’m passionate about. I think art is the best way to express passion, and I started digital art because it gives wide access to colors and textures usually specific to one craft. As an artist, I like creating moods through my art by character expressions, design, and color. As a person with synesthesia, seeing colors when I hear music, I’m heavily inspired by it, and I build on the base it gives me to make visual art pieces. I like artists who have deep lyricism, with words that make you think past the duration of the song. Music that makes me think makes me create, so I like genres from pop to classical. I think artists that inspire me the most are pan_ninie and _jjolee on Instagram and the color palettes of old renaissance artists.