A Tale of Two Wings by Jay Maurer

For as long as Thorn could remember, humans and dragons co-existed. It wasn’t perfect but for the most part, they left each other be. That changed when her mother, Queen Everlasting Flame, the Firescale’s mage, grew sick. Her mother grew sick after having another egg.

“Princess Thorn, where are you going?”

She turned around spotting her father King Obsidian. He looked like the dying embers of a fire, his black under scales and chest disappearing in the semi-darkness of the castle hallway. He breathed a small burst of flame, lighting up the hallway momentarily. She sighed and laid the spines on her head flat.

“I was going to pack and fly to the Fogscale’s kingdom.”

He met her eyes, pain present in his.

“Be safe in the Fogscale’s kingdom.”

She nodded and smiled as he swept his wings around her in a farewell hug. She stepped back and dropped into the Dragon’s bow. 

“I hope to return in three days’ time with the Fogscale’s healer.”

He nodded and watched her walk off to her chambers. Thorn turned into her room stepping through the black woven cloth. Her room was lit with glass globes holding dragon’s fire. She looked around spotting her bag. Carefully throwing the loop over her head, she slid the bag onto her side. Thorn turned back to look at him one last time before spreading her wings and leaping into the air. She dived down gathering speed and spread her wings before she crashed into the treetops below. 

“Princess Thorn, where are you headed today, It’s going to rain, not a pleasant day for a flight… and a long one at the look of your bag.”

She tilted her right-wing up to get a closer look at the dragon gliding next to her. 

“I’m going to the Fogscale’s kingdom Thistle… I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

He looked hurt for a few seconds, then brightened up.

“I could come with you, the flight crosses over human tracks, they have been known to attack a lone dragon.”

She sighed. 

“I hate it when you’re smart… fine, you can come with.”