4 am Cheese Quest by Gema Ortega Guzman

I hunger for cheese, awake in the night.

Shall I travel to the kitchen or stay at rest?

Alas, my hunger is too strong.

The path for cheese is dark and dangerous, but the path I will undergo, lest my hunger strengthen.

In the darkness I quake.

Heavy faces in the dark frighten me.

I long to emboss the cheese.

For this longing, I quicken.

I arrive at the kitchen and open the fridge.

The cool wind clears my mind and a bright white light shines on my face blinding me and causing me to coil.

I stare at the bag, sitting like a fair maiden.

I reach for the bag o’er wrought with hunger, and consume it.

The cheese is cold and fresh but soft on the lips and my hunger is vanquished.

I shall return from whence I came, for I am satisfied.

The path does not shake me as it did mere minutes ago.

I retire to my chambers and enter into a restful, easy sleep.

The night is good, I shall sleep well.