Archived: Honor Killing by Kali Rice

The death of my resolve comes swift
Like the hand of God, the war began to shift
With a bullet in the head of hesitation
Into the dark, a sublime declaration
Thrust to cold oceans, a vast separation

I mirrored your defeat in so many ways
But never found value in neither damning nor praise
Its in the wake of regret that time is my only motivator
I used to live by here, now gone, and later

Misstep after mistake, but I took hold of the spade
So take the honor killing as the scabbed debt now paid
As the illusion of promises now made
So clouds of gunpowder may begin to fade

Its a tepid boundary, between here and there
With greed and lust deeming fiction from fair
So I fell to the cracks like the dust of fool’s gold
And the highest bidder is whom victory is sold

In gutters of wine, enemies lay waste to friends
Yet we are all subjected to the prophecies they bend
An unforgiving adversary, well versed and uncaring
Despite the lie, the truth ever-glaring

Bio: I am currently attending Aims Community College to achieve my Liberal Arts with a plan to transfer to UNC for a Bachelor’s in English. I am 23 years old and have always had a passion for creative writing.