Archived: Colors by Courtney Vanden Bos

Colors are different, beautiful and longing.
Dark and stormy.
How do you see colors?
With the wind in the morning?
With the rain to wash away yesterday’s sorrows?
Or, as the color of a rainbow after a storm?
Colors, are different for me.

Red for the blood that runs through my veins keeping me alive.
Blue for the tears wasted over the years.
Purple for the bruising on my soul for the numerous battles.
Yellow for the healing scars.
Pink for the heart that still beats inside me.

Black for the night in which sleep is not an option.
White of rebirth.
Orange for the rising sun for it will rise tomorrow.
Grey for the clouds that cover my mind in times of silence.
Green is for the flower that is growing in me,
It is still a bud, growing slowly.

Bio: Hello, I am a Sophomore here at Aims. I have been writing for ten years, this will be my very first time submitting something here. I am planning on continuing my writing throughout the years and slowly head towards publishing. Currently working on my associates but plan to transfer in the near future.