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Henry 2: The Squeakquel by Stephen Lehman

Henry Herbert Hildebrand had no idea what he was in for when he woke up on that clear Monday morning. He was aware of the dinosaur sleeping next to him, so conveniently given to him by the President of the… Continue Reading →

Henry: Now in 3-D! by Stephen Lehman

  Henry Herbert Hildebrandt woke up and looked upon the world for the first time on a clear January morning, a Monday specifically, if you’re so inclined to know. His first gasp of air was taken into his lungs and… Continue Reading →

Apprentice by Cate Formica

Blaine propped his feet up on the coffee table and stuck a fork in his microwave dinner. It was Friday night, which usually consisted of TV, a few beers, and falling asleep on the couch in his underwear. The night… Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Kinship by Elizabeth Ellis

It was a beautiful day. The sky was a brilliant blue that melded into the deep ocean waters in the clear horizon. I was helping Mom get the dinner we had just caught ready to eat. It was a fish… Continue Reading →

Merely Lies by Loren McAllister

“I barely even know the woman! How would I know where she is?” I never thought in a million years I would be sitting in an interrogation room. Surprisingly, it looked exactly like those rooms you see on Criminal Minds…. Continue Reading →

Dog Heaven by Daniel Morgenegg

Recently, I ran into some good fortune. Actually, I should say it ran into us. Jake, my dog, gets to come along for the ride. I spend these days roaming the forest with Jake, walking the trails I loved when… Continue Reading →

Adrenaline by Hannah Taskila

  May 16, 2013: Dark brown coffee fills my tumbler to the rim and today is the day I graduate; four miserable years of high school will be coming to an end. Getting ready for the day ahead I start… Continue Reading →

Creating Fear by Stephen Tillotson

A tall man passed looking as if flowing over the battlefield. The commanding air he had would have driven the eyes of everyone looking to himself, but all that lay before the man was death. His face was solemn beneath… Continue Reading →

Chain Reaction by Selena Cruz

Frey wasn’t use to having writers block. Lyrics accompanied by musical notes usually flowed freely from her fingertips forming effortless songs. Her talent for songwriting was what landed her a job with Big Machine Records, a dream job that she… Continue Reading →

A Summer Night by Julia Keedy

  I waited until it was dark to leave the house. I listened carefully as I snuck past Mom’s bedroom to hear her breathing. She sounded like she was asleep, drawing deep, full breaths. I waited outside her door for… Continue Reading →

That Beautiful Girl :: Marcus Johnson

  “11:34AM….already?” I set my phone down. I had slept through my first two classes, not that they were important or anything, just Biology and World Music. Biology was taught by a tangent-loving hobbit, and world music was being taught… Continue Reading →

Stockwood :: Crysahna Suarez

  The sticky grey buttons of the Belmar Nursing Home break room resistively accept my entrance code, and I place my finger on the time clock. ‘Employee not recognized’. Slightly moving finger positions, I try again. ‘Employee not recognized.’ I… Continue Reading →

Hero :: Samantha Scheid

  Heart thundering. Sweat dripping. Feet pounding the hot sand of the Badlands. Her hair was plastered to her dripping forehead as she sprinted from the burning settlement she had once called home. “He’s going to kill me. He’s going… Continue Reading →

Catching at Pearls :: Audrey Nelson

  I was fourteen when we moved to Paris. Our first day in the city, Dad put five euros in my hand and walked me to the St. Michel Metro Station. He taught me how to use the automatic ticket… Continue Reading →

Around the World: Where Imagination Meets Reality :: Audrey Nelson

    I’m a pickup-truck passenger bouncing along the highway at eighty-five miles an hour, fingertips ricocheting off the laptop keys. The gold and green watercolor landscape of Wyoming spreads out in front of me. To the west, dark stained… Continue Reading →

Ariel…I Think :: Marcus Johnson

  The mermaids.  Why are they so gorgeous, yet so unapproachable? I see them every single day walking in through the front door, happy and carefree. I’ve probably talked to each of them at least once, nothing important, just small… Continue Reading →

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