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Last Dance by Nickie Medina

I remember the Animals knocking out the bluesy number “House of the Rising Sun.” I danced my last high school sock hop in our gymnasium just before graduation the next morning. My high school sweetheart and I circled the dance… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Taught Me to Love Myself by Victoria Hughes

I will never forget the way my heart raced on that August evening, when that very attractive boy said hi for the first time. I wish I could go back to my freshman year and warn myself that his arms… Continue Reading →

The Impact of One Lone Sandhill Crane by Lisa Barnes

  The only sounds I heard were crunching twigs under feet and an occasional grunt as someone tripped over a rock. I was hiking with a diverse group of individuals, all of us hoping to complete our Open Lands Naturalist… Continue Reading →

Humility Was Not My Best Quality by Cate Formica

  In high school, I thought I was good at everything. I was a straight A, honors, AP student, I was on the dance team, I was in all the musicals, I had run for student council, I was in… Continue Reading →

The Power of a Pint-Sized Purse by Alexandra Dyer

  As a small child, I loved to carry around a tiny, black purse filled to the point that it is a wonder it never burst at the seams.  I stuffed the purse with a flashlight, mini tape measure, pen,… Continue Reading →

Russell’s Fancy Feast by Michael Romanowski

  I have always said that “Taco Bell tastes like cat food” until my good friend Russell proved to me that this was not the case. When I was a middle schooler, I was a part of the weird group…. Continue Reading →

Dexter by Gustavo Reyes

I wished to be called Dexter. A child strived to become the pinnacle of mental excellence. His peers requested for his help as those same peers challenged and questioned his aptitude. “You cheated!” No I didn’t; it was a speed… Continue Reading →

Case Manager by Abdi Adan

My name is Abdi Adan. I was born in a city call Kismayo. This city is located in the southern part of Somalia. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Somalia. It has a long coast and a… Continue Reading →

Stockwood :: Crysahna Suarez

  The sticky grey buttons of the Belmar Nursing Home break room resistively accept my entrance code, and I place my finger on the time clock. ‘Employee not recognized’. Slightly moving finger positions, I try again. ‘Employee not recognized.’ I… Continue Reading →

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