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Contrasts in a Hutterite World by Audrey Nelson

  Bumping along the remote gravel road to the Rockport Hutterite colony gives me a chance to consider my expectations. I have none. Still, I try to clear my head of any preconceived notions and set aside my ideas of… Continue Reading →

Aims Creative Writing Club interviews author Margaret Weis: April 26, 2016 (FULL interview)

Aims Creative Writing Club interviewed YA author Margaret Weis on April 26, 2016. Below is the full interview. An abbreviated version will be available in the printed Aims Review. Aspen: May I speak with Margaret please? Margaret: This is she…. Continue Reading →

Women Should Be Allowed in Combat and Here’s Why :: Valeriano Lopez

  Women have been involved in our nation’s military since the Revolutionary War, serving not only as nurses and cooks but also supplying water to thirsty soldiers on the battlefield. Throughout history, men have always fought our battles while women… Continue Reading →

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