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A Moment Where I Belong :: Audrey Nelson

The cold, it creeps down to the core. They twitch and tingle, my fingers, Imploring for one minute more, And the memory, it lingers.   Like ice and warmth, it smears the sky. Spice skims the frozen breath—it stirs, From… Continue Reading →

Ariel…I Think :: Marcus Johnson

  The mermaids.  Why are they so gorgeous, yet so unapproachable? I see them every single day walking in through the front door, happy and carefree. I’ve probably talked to each of them at least once, nothing important, just small… Continue Reading →

Shhh :: Hannah Pratt

Sing in the dungeons and dirty yellow streets; hallelujahs for the dead beat Scatter the orange juice like the catatonic turtle of The Grapes of Wrath Sink the coffee pot, empty today, but tomorrow there should be more Slip into… Continue Reading →

Eventually :: Crysahna Suarez

  The beginning of the end was months ago, and I only now am beginning to fall. And when I told you, “I have to forget” You knew the diagnosis of life draining from a tomorrow that may never come… Continue Reading →

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