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February 2017

Sorry by Torrence Brown-Smith

My apologies for falling in love too soon your personality got me higher than balloons searchin’ for the heart of the moon but before I made contact I burst into various pieces that caused the shine to gloom I gotta’… Continue Reading →

The Climb by Torrence Brown-Smith

  Three mountains mimic the heavens patience a blanket of snow to keep them warm in the face of summers presence the slightest essence of pain can be swept away and substituted with a joyous present the calmest place lays… Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Window by Loren McAllister

It’s Sunday morning as I peer out my window into the morning sky. I sense that something is off as I see crowds of people pass me by.   A funeral is being held only miles away. In the distance… Continue Reading →

Friends Forever by Micheala Lucero

You are the perfect friend that I grew up with named after a Disney deer The only one I can talk to without you judging. Because let’s face it. You can’t talk. I am really going to miss you and… Continue Reading →

He Did Dream by Kali Rice

He did dream And dreams did descend Not plummet, not grate the mind nor turmoil lend Death quivered down near his soul to rest And dreams did descend Frail reservation his soul possessed With hope to recoil, the eyes digressed… Continue Reading →

Solace by Ashlie Hampson

  Waves arrive and then disappear. Peace ebbs and flows with the waves. Awe wraps comfort in beauty.     Ashlie Hampson is a happy wife of 22 years, a Super Mom, and a non-traditional freshman at Aims Community College… Continue Reading →

A Moment by Stephen Tillotson

Sunlight  streams through the branches. A Gurgling stream carries on. Flowing by, time goes on around us. Illuminated in the rays of the sun basking hand in hand, we hold close, as moment a drifts on. Caught outside the ever… Continue Reading →

Endless Fire by Hannah Taskila

Flames are hot on a cold winters night Crackling, sizzling, lighting the dark Trees sway with the brisk breeze Hawks spring up to take flight. Heart frozen in sadness, untouched by the flame Smoke soars in the starlit sky filling… Continue Reading →

Alone by Morgan Hawthorn

Drooping over, sad Across the white barren plains Standing was one tree     I am a preschool teacher who loves Netflix, hiking, and Disney World! Currently, I am working towards my bachelors degree in elementary education and my Colorado… Continue Reading →

Worry by Hannah Taskila

  Breath in, breath out, a never ending feeling Fills the mind, heart, lungs, every nerve ending. The constant pound of a beating heart fills the ears like a pounding wave. Drowning in a wave pool of never ending waves…. Continue Reading →

A Diamond by Alan Jaimes

A poem is like a diamond, Its true beauty lies in hard work, But when the work is done, it shines, Like a beacon of heaven, reigning upon The darkness of our sins like an angelic psalm. A poem is… Continue Reading →

Pillowtalk by Alan Jaimes

I love him He loved me Eyes painted by artists Body sculpted by Gods Definition of sexy Ruffling through his hair Smell of citrus from the shampoo Feelings of love Quickly engulfed me The human noise he made Brought a… Continue Reading →

The White Blanket by Alan Jaimes

A White Blanket At morning’s rise, windows are freshly painted with white powder Children’s imaginations drawn artistically in the fog Many rush down to enjoy the view with a warm cup made from love Opening the door is like entering… Continue Reading →

Art by Selena Cruz

Falling into slow steps side by side. Exploring a building filled with art work. Rain raced down the windows, creating A perfect day to stay stowed away. Making comments on the complexity Of the art work on the first floor…. Continue Reading →

Awaken by Selena Cruz

I walked a trail up in the forest. Looking for solitude within Gaia. To find an area that sparked interest. So I no longer felt like a pariah. Long and lean lively trees lined my way. Eventually morphing into Dense… Continue Reading →

Language is A God by Gustavo Reyes

  A being that hones its literacy, fluency, and wisdom An entity resembling a deity With tenacity to rule a kingdom Sitting comfortably like the statue of Lincoln. Knows not the existence of Atheism Its arrogance reveals its vast influence… Continue Reading →

Artists by Shannon Foster

  Artists may damage parts of themselves over time because the beauty they create for the world can only be made by minds brilliant and fragile hopeless and romantic they view life through a scope all their own from which… Continue Reading →

All but my Heart by Shannon Foster

  Rain beats in time with the rhythm of your hand upon my heart, drops of water silently tapping at the window while your fingers trace circles on my palms Peaceful and quiet, no one here but us, expecting nothing… Continue Reading →

The Ocean and the Moon by Shannon Foster

  The moon signals the tide to arrive upon the shore pulling sand and sea within and without ebbing and flowing and brimming with hope Stunning it is that the moon billions of miles away in space seemingly unaffected by… Continue Reading →

They Found a Home by Victoria Hughes

A bird is singing off in the distance As we sit atop a gorgeous and natural formation There’s a breeze… Not strong, but ripples form in the water   The bright sky that was once a plan and simple sapphire… Continue Reading →

Yellow by Morgan Hawthorn

  As it shines through my window, Yellow wakes me As bright as the midday sun, Yellow illuminates the clear skies As tasty as can be, Yellow lemonade over a glass of ice Yellow is joy   As it shines… Continue Reading →

A Silent Kind of Suffering by Julia Keedy

  You broke my heart when you said you needed space but I resigned myself to the fact that you were right, You did need to face this alone. My head has been spinning ever since, thinking of you. My… Continue Reading →

The Clock Strikes Midnight by Lauryn Waldo

Full of possibility Full of words we won’t say, A future that can never be, All because of history. When the clock is finished chiming, I promise I will go I just wanted you to know: I don’t regret anything…. Continue Reading →

Voyager II by Michael Romanowski

In the cosmic dark with the veil of stars a monument travels beyond our grasp. Carrying with it all our hopes and dreams. The epitome of technology.   Sent on a journey with no plan of return. On a mission… Continue Reading →

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