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February 2017

Henry 2: The Squeakquel by Stephen Lehman

Henry Herbert Hildebrand had no idea what he was in for when he woke up on that clear Monday morning. He was aware of the dinosaur sleeping next to him, so conveniently given to him by the President of the… Continue Reading →

Henry: Now in 3-D! by Stephen Lehman

  Henry Herbert Hildebrandt woke up and looked upon the world for the first time on a clear January morning, a Monday specifically, if you’re so inclined to know. His first gasp of air was taken into his lungs and… Continue Reading →

Apprentice by Cate Formica

Blaine propped his feet up on the coffee table and stuck a fork in his microwave dinner. It was Friday night, which usually consisted of TV, a few beers, and falling asleep on the couch in his underwear. The night… Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Kinship by Elizabeth Ellis

It was a beautiful day. The sky was a brilliant blue that melded into the deep ocean waters in the clear horizon. I was helping Mom get the dinner we had just caught ready to eat. It was a fish… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Taught Me to Love Myself by Victoria Hughes

I will never forget the way my heart raced on that August evening, when that very attractive boy said hi for the first time. I wish I could go back to my freshman year and warn myself that his arms… Continue Reading →

Contrasts in a Hutterite World by Audrey Nelson

  Bumping along the remote gravel road to the Rockport Hutterite colony gives me a chance to consider my expectations. I have none. Still, I try to clear my head of any preconceived notions and set aside my ideas of… Continue Reading →

Seymour! by Gracie Marquez

    I graduated from Aims back in 1989 in the Graphic Departments and one of my teachers that is still teaching at AIMS is the wonderful Mrs. Lori Ford. I have two daughters currently attending Aims, one whom will… Continue Reading →

Ridge by Gracie Marquez

    I graduated from Aims back in 1989 in the Graphic Departments and one of my teachers that is still teaching at AIMS is the wonderful Mrs. Lori Ford. I have two daughters currently attending Aims, one whom will… Continue Reading →

Another Night by Gracie Marquez

    I graduated from Aims back in 1989 in the Graphic Departments and one of my teachers that is still teaching at AIMS is the wonderful Mrs. Lori Ford. I have two daughters currently attending Aims, one whom will… Continue Reading →

Field of Green by Gracie Marquez

    Bio: I graduated from Aims back in 1989 in the Graphic Departments and one of my teachers that is still teaching at AIMS is the wonderful Mrs. Lori Ford. I have two daughters currently attending Aims, one whom… Continue Reading →

Hope by Marilee Smith

Northern Lights by Marilee Smith


Downtown by Tim Blandin

  Bio: [Insert interesting things here]

Lair by Tim Blandin

    Bio: [Insert interesting things here]

The Old Grotto by Tim Blandin

  Bio: [Insert interesting things here]  

Gone by Tim Blandin

Bio: [Insert interesting things here]

Shoreline by Tim Blandin

Bio: [Insert interesting things here]

The Power of Love by Jamie Marteney

  I am 19, I am a first year student at Aims Community College. Until my senior year in high school I never really enjoyed or was good at painting. I always felt it was so cut and dry, like… Continue Reading →

Redwoods by Marilee Smith


Northern California Oil by Marilee Smith


Gizebra block print by Marilee Smith


Merely Lies by Loren McAllister

“I barely even know the woman! How would I know where she is?” I never thought in a million years I would be sitting in an interrogation room. Surprisingly, it looked exactly like those rooms you see on Criminal Minds…. Continue Reading →

Aims Creative Writing Club interviews author Margaret Weis: April 26, 2016 (FULL interview)

Aims Creative Writing Club interviewed YA author Margaret Weis on April 26, 2016. Below is the full interview. An abbreviated version will be available in the printed Aims Review. Aspen: May I speak with Margaret please? Margaret: This is she…. Continue Reading →

Sunshine Daydream~July 2-3, 2016~Folsom Field, Boulder, CO by Nestia N. Nuanez

    “So the kids they dance, they shake their bones While the politicians throwing stones Singing ashes, ashes all fall down. Heartless powers try to tell us what to think If the spirit’s sleeping, then the flesh is ink…. Continue Reading →

Dark Side of The Moon by Nestia Nuanez

    O’Keefe telescope and celestial encounters.

Inspiration by Yael Sánchez

    I’m a student at Aims and I love photography.  

Dog Heaven by Daniel Morgenegg

Recently, I ran into some good fortune. Actually, I should say it ran into us. Jake, my dog, gets to come along for the ride. I spend these days roaming the forest with Jake, walking the trails I loved when… Continue Reading →

Adrenaline by Hannah Taskila

  May 16, 2013: Dark brown coffee fills my tumbler to the rim and today is the day I graduate; four miserable years of high school will be coming to an end. Getting ready for the day ahead I start… Continue Reading →

Creating Fear by Stephen Tillotson

A tall man passed looking as if flowing over the battlefield. The commanding air he had would have driven the eyes of everyone looking to himself, but all that lay before the man was death. His face was solemn beneath… Continue Reading →

The Impact of One Lone Sandhill Crane by Lisa Barnes

  The only sounds I heard were crunching twigs under feet and an occasional grunt as someone tripped over a rock. I was hiking with a diverse group of individuals, all of us hoping to complete our Open Lands Naturalist… Continue Reading →

Humility Was Not My Best Quality by Cate Formica

  In high school, I thought I was good at everything. I was a straight A, honors, AP student, I was on the dance team, I was in all the musicals, I had run for student council, I was in… Continue Reading →

The Power of a Pint-Sized Purse by Alexandra Dyer

  As a small child, I loved to carry around a tiny, black purse filled to the point that it is a wonder it never burst at the seams.  I stuffed the purse with a flashlight, mini tape measure, pen,… Continue Reading →

Russell’s Fancy Feast by Michael Romanowski

  I have always said that “Taco Bell tastes like cat food” until my good friend Russell proved to me that this was not the case. When I was a middle schooler, I was a part of the weird group…. Continue Reading →

Dexter by Gustavo Reyes

I wished to be called Dexter. A child strived to become the pinnacle of mental excellence. His peers requested for his help as those same peers challenged and questioned his aptitude. “You cheated!” No I didn’t; it was a speed… Continue Reading →

“Tales of Young and Old” (2 grouped poems, individually titled “Days of Youth” and “Days of Age”) by Jared Merk

Days of Youth A boy at play, outside, limbs flailing as he glides through patches of sun and deepening shadows, an octave lower than last week. Yesterday even. As he plays he invents the world. It is his alone, time… Continue Reading →

Finally Free by Hannah Taskila

Earthly struggles are one of many The unknown fills the brain with worry. Ageing progresses like a growing tree, Leaves grow and fall wanting to be free Before it was known autumn was upon us and your leaves were falling…. Continue Reading →

Parenthood by Daniel Morgenegg

Dear Mom, Dear Dad, There’s something I should say. Living my life, feeling sad, Now its a brave new day.   Never understood, though now I do. You both did the best you could, and my life’s no longer blue…. Continue Reading →

Shart by Daniel Morgenegg

  I sharted myself today. Much to my dismay. It just happened. These kids in Montessori school. I tell you, they can be rather cruel. Sure, I made a little stool. Can’t I just catch a break? They should be… Continue Reading →

Ecstacy by Gil Ochoa

Ecstasy, I followed your daughter past the branch-wreathed places from the fairy tales. At a time of night, the birds stop singing, and at certain times everything else becomes silent. If the moon could hum, those nights, there would be… Continue Reading →

Insomnia by Gil Ochoa

  The late evening stillness changed the place into a mausoleum as sleep came to all else. And how I wanted you there with me. Abandoned, I walked down two halls of stone tile exhausted of their warmth and listened… Continue Reading →

Something that Decides by Gil Ochoa

Something that decides how long I wait while displacing my balance on folded knees, collapsed thighs, on my feet pacing and swaying with ancient muscle memories as the dancers at the other end of the hall move in and out… Continue Reading →

Frostbit by Cate Formica

The day you said divorce, Was the day you let it snow. Like a harsh, wet blanket of betrayal; The storm of the decade. I was buried in that blizzard Until I got up off the bathroom floor. The 2… Continue Reading →

Untitled by Elizabeth Ellis

The voices in my head Won’t shut up. They squawk and screech, An atrium in the zoo.   Sometimes they are few. Questioning acts to be made. Condemning those who are wrong. Like indignant dogs at fences.   Often the… Continue Reading →

Adventure by Tresa New

He lives and dies a thousand times while she sits and lives a thousand lives To each their own and to each they teach   A book, a pen, a screen can be your saving grace Go forth find your… Continue Reading →

Bolt by by Tresa New

Lighting strikes A flash then a crack Scary frightful invigorating …Cowering   Under covers darkness sought Bright light is no good Peer over to check if safe Soon hiding again   Longer pause this time Run! Run fast Don’t let… Continue Reading →

To Covet Thee by Scarlett Dougherty

It is unfair, to say the least, Like a gooey, green beast, A reminder to the have-nots.   A wish, a need A craving to see, My drawers overfilling with stuff.   A chill on my spine, Fur catches my… Continue Reading →

14 by Scarlett Dougherty

He came, brethren before lie still, Triumphant, a divine gift bestowed. Absolute in control, Sought glory in war.   Built on a house of glass.   Filled half in Bourbon and half in gold, A fortune wasted on treasures untold…. Continue Reading →

Case Manager by Abdi Adan

My name is Abdi Adan. I was born in a city call Kismayo. This city is located in the southern part of Somalia. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Somalia. It has a long coast and a… Continue Reading →

Chain Reaction by Selena Cruz

Frey wasn’t use to having writers block. Lyrics accompanied by musical notes usually flowed freely from her fingertips forming effortless songs. Her talent for songwriting was what landed her a job with Big Machine Records, a dream job that she… Continue Reading →

A Summer Night by Julia Keedy

  I waited until it was dark to leave the house. I listened carefully as I snuck past Mom’s bedroom to hear her breathing. She sounded like she was asleep, drawing deep, full breaths. I waited outside her door for… Continue Reading →

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