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June 2016

Mirrors :: Chelle Costello

Home :: Chelle Costello

The Wildness Calling :: Chelle Costello

Compromise :: Chelle Costello

Read the subtext: I’d leave you for a horizon Bright enough, And the only reason I’m still here Is that you’d let me.   I think of the miracle That you understand me like a second language Surprising fluency in… Continue Reading →

Rainy Day :: Tim Blandin

Proposition :: Chelle Costello

  I have an idea: let’s every one of us Walk into a field- Thistleberry and old tires growing over each other, Rusted afterthoughts and migratory birds- And raise our hands to the sky To implore the great one to… Continue Reading →

Seahorse :: Chelle Costello

Stockholm Sunset :: Chelle Costello

London :: Chelle Costello

beyond the castle walls :: Chelle Costello

Untitled :: Danielle Dorsey

Untitled :: Danielle Dorsey

Aspen Fog :: Chelle Costello

Pen Y Fan :: Chelle Costello

Stockholm :: Chelle Costello

Shiny Iceland :: Chelle Costello

by Megan Friesen

by Megan Friesen

Pilgrims :: Megan Friesen

Versaille :: Megan Friesen

Women Should Be Allowed in Combat and Here’s Why :: Valeriano Lopez

  Women have been involved in our nation’s military since the Revolutionary War, serving not only as nurses and cooks but also supplying water to thirsty soldiers on the battlefield. Throughout history, men have always fought our battles while women… Continue Reading →

The Sentinel :: Zachary Williams

The Sentinel stands atop his post He guards the valley low His sword aside in a scabbard of frost His helm and cloak are covered in snow   He guards the valley low His beard a forest of great green… Continue Reading →

That Beautiful Girl :: Marcus Johnson

  “11:34AM….already?” I set my phone down. I had slept through my first two classes, not that they were important or anything, just Biology and World Music. Biology was taught by a tangent-loving hobbit, and world music was being taught… Continue Reading →

Stockwood :: Crysahna Suarez

  The sticky grey buttons of the Belmar Nursing Home break room resistively accept my entrance code, and I place my finger on the time clock. ‘Employee not recognized’. Slightly moving finger positions, I try again. ‘Employee not recognized.’ I… Continue Reading →

Moon Howls :: Crysahna Suarez

  Upon the wake of evening sun A song is sung what  bliss is spread About the weary have we fun Are not we the ungrateful dead All howl above to twinkle’s day Shadows here are for you to hide… Continue Reading →

Martha Washington… :: Hannah Pratt

  …went a little crazy after George died. She burned their letters and moved to the attic. That can happen sometimes.   At the parent teacher conference, she started to black out. Fingers shaking, Morse Code on the desk, Feeling… Continue Reading →

Inbetween :: Samantha Scheid

  Go over the garden wall, my child Take your oil lantern and a warm blanket and nothing more. Cross the river and into the forest. Leaves of gold and crimson fall around you, your steps a-lit by only the… Continue Reading →

EXTENSIONS :: Hannah Pratt

    Written like secret cheats to tests on my desk Folded as if making paper hearts.   We’re always up to no good. No good landmarks. No good barbeque places in town. Living in the underbelly of being busy…. Continue Reading →

Hero :: Samantha Scheid

  Heart thundering. Sweat dripping. Feet pounding the hot sand of the Badlands. Her hair was plastered to her dripping forehead as she sprinted from the burning settlement she had once called home. “He’s going to kill me. He’s going… Continue Reading →

Cold Heaven :: Samantha Cooley   

       Clouds, Like a veil, With a sheer, shining edge, Covers the sky floor. Soaked in sunlight, The satin unfurls to the far reaches of my eyes breadth. Glittering sparkling, warmed by the light, the satin gracefully sits. What should… Continue Reading →

Gas Station Romance :: Julia Keedy

  From my quiet perch upon the wall I am witnessing a gas station romance. Young love that pulls up in a beat up van, coasting on fumes. She is round with the fruits of his labor, carrying a child… Continue Reading →

Catching at Pearls :: Audrey Nelson

  I was fourteen when we moved to Paris. Our first day in the city, Dad put five euros in my hand and walked me to the St. Michel Metro Station. He taught me how to use the automatic ticket… Continue Reading →

Around the World: Where Imagination Meets Reality :: Audrey Nelson

    I’m a pickup-truck passenger bouncing along the highway at eighty-five miles an hour, fingertips ricocheting off the laptop keys. The gold and green watercolor landscape of Wyoming spreads out in front of me. To the west, dark stained… Continue Reading →

A Moment Where I Belong :: Audrey Nelson

The cold, it creeps down to the core. They twitch and tingle, my fingers, Imploring for one minute more, And the memory, it lingers.   Like ice and warmth, it smears the sky. Spice skims the frozen breath—it stirs, From… Continue Reading →

Ariel…I Think :: Marcus Johnson

  The mermaids.  Why are they so gorgeous, yet so unapproachable? I see them every single day walking in through the front door, happy and carefree. I’ve probably talked to each of them at least once, nothing important, just small… Continue Reading →

Shhh :: Hannah Pratt

Sing in the dungeons and dirty yellow streets; hallelujahs for the dead beat Scatter the orange juice like the catatonic turtle of The Grapes of Wrath Sink the coffee pot, empty today, but tomorrow there should be more Slip into… Continue Reading →

Eventually :: Crysahna Suarez

  The beginning of the end was months ago, and I only now am beginning to fall. And when I told you, “I have to forget” You knew the diagnosis of life draining from a tomorrow that may never come… Continue Reading →

Cloudlights :: Chelle Costello

Asymptotes and Irreverent Hopes by William Pratt

We’ve assumed the characteristics of God as if we wrote him as a stock character in our YA novel lives. I give you money. I get food. I go to work. I get paid. I pursue meaning. I find fulfillment…. Continue Reading →

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